Copy Cut Fashions Sewing Studio 

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I have been dressmaking for over 60 years, and it's still frustrating trying to get clothes to fit perfectly.  This is the most difficult part of sewing, even with ready-to-wear. Five years ago, I hit on a way to make the process a breeze.  Thus, Copy Cut Fashions was born.  Simply put, give me a garment that fits you and I will copy it for you.  The outcome, its not only brand new, it fits! I make a copy to use as a template to duplicate it, then re-design it to give it a new look.


Whether you want an original design made, or you'd like to have another one of that perfect garment hanging in your closet that you love but it's seen it's better days, you need Copy Cut Fashions, and we'd love to hand-make it for you!

The pictures below are just a few of the lovely people who have had copies made of their favorite clothes, and some are original designs.  Copied or handmade from a pattern or picture, you'll love the end result.  Guaranteed!

I have opened a Studio that you can use to sew for yourself. Patch or repair something, advance your skills, get some help completing a project, or take the plunge and join a group lesson to learn how to start from the beginning, all in a convenient, comfortable, and cozy setting, and meeting others who share your passion for the art of sewing.  If you need help pattern fitting, I am a Palmer/Pletsch certified sewing and fitting instructor, come and see me.

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Open for drop Ins and Private Lessons, other than during class times.
Please call to book a time, pre-registration required.

Easy to find!

Up hospital hill to the top at the flashing green light (16 Ave)  Jim's Pizza one side. Turn right on to 16th.  The first left turn is 33 Street and we are the second house on the left.

Ta Da...You are there!

1501 - 33 Street in Vernon BC