Before signing up for a class, please check the schedule and read this cancellation policy carefully.  To be fair to all concerned, teacher and other students, we must remain firm in our registration and cancellation policies. Registration price is to be paid in full at time of booking, prior to class start date, using e-Transfer, cash or cheque, or on-line with charge card.  Registration fee includes all supplied materials and taxes.    

No refunds will be provided unless the class is cancelled by the sewing instructor. Copy Cut Fashions Sewing Studio reserves the right to cancel any class or workshop if participation level is below the minimum (2).  In that case, affected registrants will be offered enrolment in a future, equivalent class.  Should a refund be approved, an administration fee of $50.00 will be charged.


BEGINNER BASICS  -  Level 1 -  If you haven't sewn before or you did eons ago and want to start  up again, this class is for you. We’ll start by getting to know how sewing machines work and then get comfortable actually using them. All supplies and fabric are included. Only one piece of advice, DON’T WAIT TO REGISTER: four stations are available (2 during Covid-19) in order to give you maximum attention. By the end of the10 hours of lessons, over a 4-5 week period, you will appreciate why digging deep into the basics is so very important when producing professional looking garments. This very informative class will make you fall in love with the art of sewing, while preparing you for bigger and better things to come in Beyond the Basics.



Ages 11 and up are encouraged to take this course alone or with a buddy and start a fun and useable hobby. Sewing can begin with a simple project made by hand and lead to a full blown career in fashion. You will never know what could be until you start, somewhere and somehow. The studio is the where and this course is the how. We start by improving dexterity making a hand-stitched project you will use all through your sewing life - right up to making a full wardrobe and beyond. No kidding! Then it is on to learning about and sewing with an actual machine. You will be taught to sew special treasures that you can show off to your friends. The 8 hours is full of fun, practice and knowledge, and all supplies are included in registration.


A natural progression from the beginner basics class, or if you are a sewer, just a little rusty or need motivation to get back into sewing, you'll love this class. A pattern is provided (a gorgeous bath or lounge robe) along with fabric, selected from the studio stash. Mastering the most important part of every sewing project; the pattern, its' fit and precise lay out, plus cutting the material, leads you into the completion of a well made garment you will be proud to wear.  After these 10 hours of 5 lessons you will be confident enough to take on the challenges the Intermediate class has to offer. 


Here is where trickier steps come into play. More intricate details are dealt with like set-in sleeves, collars, elastic waist bands and more to get the professionally made, retail look you want, versus that home-made, only passible look. At this stage in your sewing abilities the sky is the limit and upon completion of these 10 hours of instructions you will step out in pajama top and pants you made with pride. Pattern and fabric are again included in the registration fee.


This exciting class stands on it's own but is also the fourth class in the Sewer's Series.  You will learn all the techniques needed to make your projects beautifully "Handmade". You will practice all different zipper insertions, elastic casings, beautiful welt pockets, miter corners, and many exquisite finishing details. The class is 10 hours total, with the final session touching on fitting - the most difficult part of sewing to perfection. You will receive a binder to house all of your notes, handouts and sample swatches from levels 1-3, keeping them nicely organized and handy. It's the "top off" and fantastically fun!



You set out to sew the perfect outfit with gorgeous material, sew each step with precision then find it doesn't fit right.  With each adjustment you make, something else goes askew.  During this 24 hour course, we concentrate on getting a garment to fit just right and customize a pattern to your body type, without having to make a time consuming muslin or recording miles of measurements. Everything you make and pattern you use from here on in will be made to measure using the Palmer/Pletsch tissue fitting method (patterns for a sheath dress and dress pants are provided at no cost) along with your complete, personal body map.  If you are generally 'hard to fit', you won't be, after this course. One or two sewers participate in these sessions that are chock-full of instruction, action and fun. You can use this method to fit yourself but it is more fun and easier with two, so, find a buddy and learn together.  Dates and times are pre-reserved on request. 


If you are ready to move up to sergers you will likely be working with knit fabrics. They do seem to go together perfectly. Did you think sergers were just to be used to finish seams by cutting off excess fabric? Not so anymore. There are 'sew' many more things a serger can be used for.  How about gathering, rolled hemming, blind hemming, one to 5 thread seams, flatlocking, lettuce edging, beading. Plus there is more. Many sewers gave up on sergers due to the difficulty threading machines and constant tension difficulities. Also, not so anymore. The biggest plus of all is the pricing:  it is actually reasonable to own a serger now.  A basic 3 thread serger is a wonderful addition to your sewing components and your regular machine will welcome the company. Check out Findlay's Vacuum and Sewing shop in Vernon for great deals,then register for this 10 hour workshop to master sewing with luxurious knits using your serger. Even if you still have an oldie goldie, you can learn how to take the mystery of the beast away.